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Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be Bitter

by Strategic Divorce Planning

My desire to expand my practice to include Divorce Financial Planning does not come from having experienced divorce. My desire comes from having been raised by a couple of spectacular parents who shared 61 years of marriage and lived a life of giving, guiding, inspiring and encouraging with empathy, compassion and common sense. 

My Inspiration to Help Divorcing Individuals

My mother didn’t believe in kicking people when they were down. She often stated how sorry she felt for so and so. She showed me how to make a difference in people’s lives when they needed it most. She could listen and not judge, guide and not push, inspire and not lecture. She gave solid, sound and practical advice. She was forever helping those that needed a helping hand. Whether it was a hot meal, a warm bed or sometimes a reality check she never failed to deliver.

My father was of the same mindset and they made a formidable team. He always went above and beyond to help his family, his friends and his clients. If you needed something and he could help you out he would work tirelessly to do so.

Support at the End of Your Marriage

So even though a great deal of CDFA professionals have gone through a divorce themselves and that is what inspired them to work in this field that is not a prerequisite for doing this very important work and doing it well. My financial planning background coupled with an arsenal of living skills allow me to be an effective advocate for you. 

I will assist you in navigating the treacherous waters of divorce and be the calm in your storm. I will keep you focused on the end game by offering sound, real world and practical advice. I will lend you emotional support when you need it and a reality check when called for. 

Life After Divorce Is a Time To Shine

My goal is to help you achieve financial independence and sustainability. It includes helping you tie up loose ends and getting you back on the road to living life on your terms. To encourage you to get better so that you do not end up bitter. A lot of time energy and effort goes into being married, staying married and ending a marriage. Don’t allow all that emotion to negatively impact you in a way that you cannot move beyond it. Don’t allow it to swallow you up and define you. Take all that anger, resentment, and even hatred and turn it around into something positive and invest it back in yourself. Live the life that you always dreamed of living before you got married. What dreams did you put on hold when you said I do? Dust those off. Now is your time to shine and my goal is to help you achieve that.

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