Divorce Services

For Individuals and Couples facing divorce

Divorce Financial Planning

Strategic Divorce Planning helps you gather and interpret financial data and provide the research and education you need in order to help you reach a fair and equitable property settlement with your spouse. We can help organize your marital estate, including real estate, 401(k)s, debt and life insurance. We’ll talk about your goals and create a cash flow analysis and post-divorce budget to help you better understand your income and expenses now and in the future.

Divorce Mediation and Legal Assistance

Mediators and Attorneys are not financially trained and often don’t have the necessary tools to educate clients in helping them reach an equitable settlement.

Post Divorce Transition

Your divorce is final! Now some of the real work begins. Your accounts need to be consolidated, QDROs completed, bank accounts closed, wills redone, etc. We’ll work with you as long as necessary to ensure that ALL of the terms of your settlement agreement are completed and you get the assets you’re entitled to. It can be very overwhelming! Let us help you with financial planning after the divorce in order to be sure you don’t miss anything important so you can begin the next phase of your life with confidence and control.