What is the Process?

Our divorce process is proven and successful

5 Steps to an Easier Divorce


Complimentary 30 minute consultation

Divorce may be one of the most emotional and traumatic events in a person’s life, but it does not have to be an overwhelming or financially destructive experience. A financial divorce planning strategy session will help you understand your options and the financial realities of your situation.  We will arm you with the knowledge needed to make smart decisions and avoid mistakes.


Review and sign all necessary forms

Relieve some of the panic, instill calm and take some of the emotion out of the financial matters.


Comprehensive analysis

Develop an understanding of the financial issues, the decisions that need to be made and the financial consequences of those decisions.  Compile, organize, value and analyze the financial information.


Findings, options and report delivery

A complete divorce analysis: compare and contrast various scenarios regarding division of assets and debts.  Determine need for life and disability insurance.


Ongoing support

Assist with investment decisions, re-titling assets transferred under a QDRO.  Cash flow analysis/household budget; buy vs rent analysis and mortgage assets; assistance with post divorce re-titling of assets, change of beneficiaries, credit checks.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

What is a CDFA®?

As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, our goal is to help clients achieve financial independence and sustainability before, during and after divorce. With extensive training and background in divorce finance, we give our clients a clear picture of their current finances so they can make better decisions and build a solid future.

Value-Based Pricing

Our costs are by the hour or by the plan.  By utilizing a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst you can take the guesswork out of the sustainability of your settlement, achieve financial independence and transition to a new lifestyle without paying more than you have to by utilizing a financial expert.  Consider it an investment in your new life.